It’s a symptom of old age! How many times have we heard that said when we develop aches and pains. Old age isn’t what it used to be – people are living longer and staying active into their eighties or beyond. If you want to be one of those healthy individuals you must read this book. Discover:
·         What can slow down cellular aging
·         How to maintain cognitive health
·         Key ingredients for immune support
·         Powerful antioxidants and free-radical fighters
·         Botanicals that guard against disease
·         Medicinal foods
·         The biology of weight control
·         Help for joint and muscle rejuvenation
·         How to reduce Candida and support digestion
·         Compounds that delay aging and support DNA

Scientific evidence supports the information presented in this book with many studies proving the efficacy of the natural compounds described. This compilation of extensive research will motivate you towards lifestyle changes you can begin when you are young, lengthening your road to longevity.
48 pages

Safe Goods Publishing
New Book:
How to Live Longer with
Cellular Rejuvenation
   Nutrients that can lessen the aging process  
   and improve cellular health.